Natural Stone Rainscreen

Facade Systems

generix lite is a cost effective facade solution comprising of a 20-30mm natural stone panels with a 90 degree horizontal kerf.

The panels are secured to the generix lite vertical rail using the patented one piece four way stainless steel clip attached by tekscrews. Neoprene strips are also used to eradicate wind rattle and assist impact resistance, as proven by successful tests carried out to latest CWCT standards. 

The generix lite system has evolved from clients and architects still looking to achieve a natural stone facade whilst retaining the benefits of reduced weight, shorter construction programmes and the cost reductions associated with the use of thinner stone.

The UK has a rich heritage of traditionally built stone projects, generix lite allows architects and building specifiers to provide a material with natural finish to complement and harmonise with these surroundings. This makes generix lite the obvious choice in stone built conservation areas.

Generix have invested a lot of time in testing their systems in a variety of ways which gives you confidence when specifying their products.

Alasdair Mealey,

Associate Director, Aedas

Our stone cladding solutions range from traditional 20-30mm stone rainscreen to lightweight large format panels.

When it comes to finish, generix offer a wide range of colours and textures with stone sourced from quarries located all over the UK and internationally.

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A building finished with generix lite has a natural elegance to it that ensures a timeless quality, for a fraction of the cost.

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